After my mother’s death in 2003 I got my grandfather’s handwritten family history, and I decided to write it down and put it on the Internet, hoping that others might benefit from his research. There are 4 big books, so be patient! If the family historiy on the previous page is a link, the story has been finished (only in Danish). You can find the stories as html- files and as PDF- files. The genealogical table is made in Winfamily. Send me a mail if you want a GEDCOM file.
My grandfather’s research dates back to 1920 – 24, so what happened in the families after that, I do not know. I have filled in, what I know about my family.
If somebody has information from the missing period, I will be pleased to hear about it. I have used information from GEDCOM files from The Olsen family tree, Julianne Lusvardi, Karen Nelson and Povl Erik Nielsen. If you have problems with translation of Danish words - please contact me:

Tel: +45 2148 3330
Hans-Christian Fleng, Praestevaenget 12, Roedding, 8830 Tjele Denmark

Last update: 4. april 2019
J.P.Wammens family history